I’ve been in Europe for almost three months* now, on a Fulbright student fellowship to do combinatorics research, take classes, and be a “cultural ambassador” for the USA. I’m starting this blog to keep track of it all.

The name of this site is a Magyarization (Magyar: Hungarian for “Hungarian”) of my last name. Amikor Magyarországon, beszelj olyan, mint a magyarok. (Yes, I know names aren’t usually translated; I like my name; and I don’t go by “Hester Hill” in English; but that’dn’t’ve made for as interesting a blog name.)

*When I say that I arrived three months ago, I don’t mean I missed my Princeton graduation to secretly arrive in April: rather, I left the US on July 28th. I want a post for each day I’m here, and I have notes for my first three months, so every post dated before 2011/10/26 will actually have been posted after then. Also, for those three months, some events’ dates might be off slightly.